1. Sportmanship

Competitors are expected to hold the qualities of fairness, honesty, courtesy, and justice to be more important than the outcome of the race. Real sportsmen may have an intense desire to win, but not at all costs. Abusive language, aggressive behaviour, excessive light flashing or retaliation will not be tolerated.

2. Track Boundaries and Rejoining

If you leave the track ie. put more than 2 wheels outside the lines, you must rejoin with extreme caution, other drivers are still racing and you must rejoin without blocking them or forcing them to take avoiding measures. If cars are approaching and it is not safe to rejoin you must wait for them to pass before rejoining the track. The same applies if you spin and stop on track, you must wait until it is safe to do so before you move and try to get back in the race.
Any use of areas outside the track to help you pass are seriously frowned upon, if you accidentally cut whilst passing you should give the position back at a safe time and place and you won't be penalised. If you keep a position you gained unfairly you should expect a penalty after the race.
Cutting in qualifying is simply not allowed, if you get a cut warning from the PLP app you must slow, if your fastest lap contains a cut you could be penalised. Drivers cutting in quali and not slowing down will sit out quali in the next round or be penalised positions if it is the last round of a series.
Track limits are judged by the PLP app, if you cut it will warn you, after 3 warnings the 4th cut will get you a drive-through penalty. The app will tell you this and will count down the laps you have left to serve your DT.
If you feel it has unfairly warned you for cuts you may ignore the penalty, BUT you must explain this to stewards after the race so that they can clear your penalty. Please provide a full explanation of when and where the questioned cut/s happened and why you think the warning/s were unjustified. If stewards disagree the penalty will stand so be sure you are right if you are going to ignore a penalty. See section 5. Protest Procedure.

3. Passing

If another car is able to get it's front wheels alongside your rear wheels you are responsible for leaving at least a car width (on a straight you must leave width if ANY part of another car is alongside), you may not "shut the door" after a car has got alongside, if you want to defend the inside you must do it BEFORE the chasing car gets alongside or it is too late. If you shut the door and cause contact with a passing car you will be held responsible.
If you are making a pass attempt you must be able to complete the move without causing contact with the other car, you may not squeeze the opponent off the racing line, you must always leave a car width to the car you are passing, either inside or outside. If you try to shut the door while the opponent is still alongside and you leave less than a car width on his side you could be penalised for any resulting contact.
If your pass attempt goes badly wrong or you simply make a big mistake and hit your opponent causing him to spin or leave the track, that is considered a punt and you will be penalised for it after the race.
After a punt or an unfair pass drivers are encouraged to give back the position/s as soon as it is SAFE to do so. Any penalty is likely to be less severe if the position is given back fairly and safely.

All drivers are expected to report an incident if you get punted, only reported incidents are guaranteed to be dealt with, stewards will review anything they notice but can't see everything so reporting is essential for the rules to be applied. See section 5. Protest Procedure.

4. Defending

When defending your position you are allowed to block the inside or outside line, you must do it BEFORE the opponent gets any part of his car alongside yours and once you have chosen your line you must stay there. Weaving or changing your line more than once is not allowed.

5. Protest Procedure

If you are unhappy about any race incident you can protest the offending driver by sending a pm to the chief Steward (To be announced) with full details of the incident and when and where it occurred. This must be sent within 48 hours of the end of the race or it will be invalid. We will have a formal race incident report form for all drivers to fill in and send.

6. Penalties

Our penalty system is simple, if you break any of the above rules you will get a warning, if it is particularly blatant or cynical you could be penalised position/s or be told to sit out qualifying in the next race and start from the back. Persistent or outrageous rule breaking will get you a race suspension or a ban. Lap 1 incidents will also be penalised more harshly as everyone should be using extra caution at the start of the race.
For serious cases or repeated offences after previous warnings the penalty could be suspension from races or even a ban from the league.
Penalties for lesser offences can include but are not restricted to the following: drive-through, warning, points deduction, race suspension, grid penalty, miss next quali session, time added to finish time, positions lost, stop & go penalty.

7. Lapped Cars

When being lapped it is the lapped driver's responsibility to let the faster car through without slowing it down. You should not wait until the last second and then dart out of the way or make unpredictable moves, you should make an obvious, early move off the racing line and slow slightly to let the faster car pass or you should hold your line and wait for the faster car to attempt the pass, when it does you should just leave plenty of room on his side and make it easy for him by braking slightly earlier than usual if he has gone to one side of you.
If you are the lead lap car you should use extreme caution around lapped cars, give them plenty of space and when you make your move, make it clear which side you want and do not cause unnecessary contact. If you reach slow traffic on a very twisty, dangerous part of the track be more patient, you may have to wait a corner or 2 before the lapped driver feels safe to move out of the way, this is a part of racing and it should all even out in the end as it's the same rules for all.


We try to keep this league one of the cleanest around, we enforce rules strictly but we also allow plenty of chances for you to improve and show that you can race cleanly. The main aim is for all members to enjoy the racing and to be treated equally and fairly. We do this for fun and competition and with this system we have always managed to provide both, enjoy your racing!

Member and Player Names


All members of Exiled must go by their regular names. Accounts may not be created using nicknames or tags. Members must enter the race servers under game profiles that exactly match their Exiled member names. If you are "Jonathan" on the site, then you must be "Jonathan" in the game and not "Jon". This is how we match your racing results to your member account.