1H of Shanghai – Fun race


Saturday 26th of October

Qualifying: 20:45 BST (15 minutes)
Warmup: 5 minutes
Race: 21:05 BST (1 hour)

rFactor 2

Race details and downloads

This is a multiclass race with LMP2 and GTE cars. The server settings are as follow:

2x Fuel usage
3x Tyre usage

That means both categories will have to stop for fuel. Tyres are totally up to you. Use whatever you want, change them or not. 

Start will be rolling, in formation of 2 cars. 

Be aware of the traffic. LMP2 cars will start lapping the GTE field around 25 minutes time. They are faster so GTE cars don’t have to move away, just follow your normal line and the P2’s will find their way. 

We highly recommend Crew Chief as it will inform you when faster cars are coming to you. 



You can download the v1.26 of RaceRfactor’s China track here, or just join the server. It will download automatically. 

All cars are official Studio 397 DLC.
Endurance Pack

We’re going to use the Oreca 07 and the 3 GTE cars of the Endurance Pack. Link to Steam.

Update: Aston Martin GTE no longer needed

As nobody has selected the new Aston Martin, we are removing it from the list so there’s no need to buy it to join. 

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Drivers list

#Full namePreferred car
29Maikel RozemeijerBMW M8
28Jens GuertlerPorsche 911 RSR
27Paul McCloudCorvette C7R
26Tom SmithCorvette C7R
25Albert van der WerffOreca 07
24Jason AshfieldOreca 07
23Alex LouterPorsche 911 RSR
22Johan KarlssonOreca 07
21Dario ArezzoOreca 07
20Marc HarrisPorsche 911 RSR
19Karl SteegCorvette C7R
18Trenell AmbersleyOreca 07
17Pär ÖqvistOreca 07
16Mikael PalusaBMW M8
15Alex LilloOreca 07
14Dimitris TsioumanisBMW M8
13Ray JonesOreca 07
12Farouq ThalibPorsche 911 RSR
11Paul HoltOreca 07
10Ameer AssadCorvette C7R
9Antonis PaparinopoulosCorvette C7R
8Simon KingsburyBMW M8
7Andy SimmonsOreca 07
6Vangelis ParginosPorsche 911 RSR
5Chris HoneOreca 07
4Nick CurryPorsche 911 RSR
3Darrian RoyOreca 07
2Gabriel PaynePorsche 911 RSR
1Shaun KingCorvette C7R