2019 UK/Europe GT3 League Protests


Ameer Assad

Result – Drive through due to incident responsibility (no affect on race result as driver finished last). Violation T12 of the IMSA Sporting Regulations.

After being pressed during a lap, the driver following Ameer gets a better exit through turn 17 and tries to overtake him on the start straight. Ameer initially leaves enough space on his left and that gap is used by the driver overtaking, but as he gets on his left, Ameer keeps his car close to the wall failing to leave enough racing room, ultimately causing a collision.

Recommendation: Racing room can be tricky on a sim, so if in doubt leave a tiny bit more, specially when there’s a wall. There’s no need to ruin yours and other drivers race.

Watkins Glen – Prologue

Max Scholten

Result – 10s pit stop penalty (40s added to the race time).

Several incidents during lap 2 lead to the penalty:

    • First he late dive bombs into the inner loop causing a collision. This is a quick corner with an early turn in point and he launches the car into the interior by the time the driver in front is already initiating the turn, leaving him no time to react


    • Max then rejoins the track while other cars are around, which leads to further contact causing another collision


  • After that one he again rejoins the track unsafely almost creating another collision

His impatience ruined 2 fellow racers’ race and his own.

Dario Arezzo

Result – No further action.

During the first lap Dario gets a good exit on T7, and as the driver in front takes a defensive line he moves further to the right hoping to get a good position for T8. In doing so he touches the car behind him that was already starting an overtake, pushing him into the grass. Dario showed poor situational awareness and almost caused a collision, but the incident wasn’t severe enough to warrant a penalty.

Recommendation: Don’t let the action in front of you ignore the situation around you, specially during the first laps where the field is close together. Use your mirrors, spotter (crew chief, etc) and look around to build a mental picture of where everybody is around you. If you’re not sure where the cars around you are,  keep your line.


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