American Exiled Series – Season 2

Basic info and calendar

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the American Exiled Series, an IMSA Weathertech inspired league running prototypes and GT3 machinery on iconic North American tracks. 

This league requires the following DLC: GT3 Pack, GT3 Challengers Pack, Endurance pack, Sebring.


Daytona 29-Jun-20Red flagged
Sebring13-Jul-201h 20 min
Watkins Glen27-Jul-201h
Mosport10-Aug-2045 min
Road America24-Aug-2045 min
Road Atlanta07-Sep-201h 30 min
rFactor 2
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Racing at Exiled is free, but any donations to keep the servers going are welcome! 
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Race details and downloads


Practice: Server will be live from the previous race, official practice starts at 17:45 BST

Qualifying: 20:30 BST – 15 minutes – Private (check on your timezone)
Warmup: 5 minutes
Race start: Formation behind safety car with rolling start
: 20:40 BST – No pitstop required, although you may need to depending on the race duration.

Cars and tracks required
Official DLC

S397 GT3 Pack
S397 GT3 Challengers Pack
S397 Endurance pack


Waktins Glen
Road America
Road Atlanta (steam)


Prototypes skinpack.
Just unzip on your Oreca skin folder, like: C:\\Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\UserData\player\Settings\Oreca_07_LMP2_2017
Download skinpack

GT3 can use any skin, custom ones are encouraged!

Search for Exiled. Password will be sent via email.
1x Tyre wear. Choose whatever compound you want. 
1x Fuel. 
3x Time compression.
The longer rounds (Daytona, Sebring and Road Atlanta) will start in the afternoon and end at night. 
50% damage. 
Safety car
will be on standby, the race may go to full course yellow if a big pile up blocks the racing line. More info below, make sure you check it out!

Required apps

Crew chief

It’s recommended you join the Discord voice channel.

All prototype seats are already taken! For GT3 you’re free to race any car, either as an individual entry or as a team with the same livery, but points will only be awarded to manufacturers (not teams). 

Liveries for the prototypes will be provided by us. (Link will be uploaded in due course). 

Prototype skins by Simracingworld. Check out their GT3 ones if you’re after real life ones! 

Race starts

We expect drivers to be careful during the start of the race, especially during the first lap. Reckless driving will not be tolerated and those causing incidents during the start of the race will be punished.

The admins will never restart a race because a huge pileup has occurred in Turn 1.

Any race restart will be done at the discretion of the admin(s).

Passing and contact

It is the overtaking driver who has the responsibility of making the pass without making contact. 

In general if the overtaking car is well alongside (more than 50%) at the turn in point, then it has the right of the line and the overtaken car should abide and ensure enough room for the pass to happen. 

Failure to get the car alongside by the turn in point will mean that the car in front has the right of line and you should back off and ensure no contact happens. The car in front may decide to leave you room, but you can not count on it. Any contact will likely be the responsibility of the overtaking car. 

If a pass is made when contact with the car/s is severe enough to push the overtaken car off-line or off-track -or spin, to lose the position-, for example because you overcooked the corner and were not able to stop the car, you will need to concede the position. Failure to do so will be penalised.


Defending drivers are asked not to block. Generally, the one movement across the track rule is standard – but if the block causes the driver to move off track, that will warrant a penalty.

What is a block? – When you drive across the track with the intention of stopping the car behind from overtaking you. It may or involve making contact with the other driver.

How can we tell the difference between a push-to-pass and a block? – It is the overtaking driver’s responsibility to ensure they can get past the driver ahead cleanly. As repeated above, if you make contact causing the defending driver to bounce off-line or off-track – or spin, you will be penalised. 

We’ll be using rFactor 2 full course yellow system if a the racing line gets blocked due to an accident. This will be automatically triggered by the server and it has been configured so the race only goes FCY in extreme cases. 


Full course yellows will only last 1 lap from the moment the lead car crosses the start/finish line and meets the pace car. 

Behaviour under full course yellow

Once a full course yellow gets active drivers are not allowed to overtake. Caution is recommended as there may be cars ahead blocking the racing line, but until the lead car crosses the start/finish line and meets the pace car, you’re allowed to more or less keep racing speed if safe.

Pace car speed will be between 90 and 110 km/h (track dependant).

Behind the pace car

Before you cross the start finish line prototypes are allowed to safely pass GT3 cars. The objective is to avoid having many classes mixed allowing safer restarts. 

Once you cross the start finish line, just follow the car that rFactor 2 tells you. This may mean you have to overtake the pace car, unlapping yourself from the leaders to find the back of the pack. 

Going back to green
  • Restarts are single line.
  • No overtaking is allowed until the start finish line.
  • The GT3 lead car should give some room to the prototypes to avoid any further incidents
  • Careful on the first corners, as your brakes may be cold. Yellows lead to yellows, let’s make sure it doesn’t happen
Drivers championship

Actual point system to be determined. 

Manufacturer championship

The best result for each manufacturer will count towards the manufacturer championship. For example:

Race 1 is won by a Cadillac, followed by another Cadillac and a Mazda. Cadillac will get points for 1st position, Mazda in 2nd for the manufacturers championship.

You are welcome (and encouraged!) to work with fellow drivers from the same brand. Share telemetry, setups, tips, etc., to ensure you all end as high as possible. 

Same applies for the GT3 class, even if there are 5 Porsches in the field, only the top one classified will count towards the manufacturer championship. 

Drop round

There will be one (1) drop round for this championship.

For this series we encourage people to send protests so we all can improve our driving and have more fun, but we will not assign any penalties unless something blatantly wrong has happened.

This is to avoid the situation where some drivers are penalised as their actions are reported, and others don’t because the other driver(s) involve do not report it. 



It shall be at the discretion of the admins to decide if any driver involved in an incident should be penalised. This will only happen in extreme cases like intentional wrecking. 

All seats are full! Keep and eye to the Facebook or Discord groups in case new seats get available throughout the season. 
That’s a lot of information!

If you have any questions, please ask away. You can find us on Discord or Facebook