Assetto Corsa 1994 F1 Championship

Welcome to F1 1994 (Assetto Corsa)

Drivers/teams will be contesting a Drivers Championship & a Manufacturers Championship.
The championship will be run on Mondays over 16 races between May & November 2019.  All tracks will be made available for download from the series organisers. 
Points will be awarded as below to each driver & team once the results for each round have been declared as final. 
The points structure is modelled on the 2019 FIA F1 events:
  •  1st – 25
  •  2nd – 18
  •  3rd – 15
  •  4th – 12
  •  5th – 10
  •  6th – 8
  •  7th – 6
  •  8th – 4
  •  9th – 2
  • 10th – 1 
The unofficial results will be updated as quickly as humanly possible. 

Required software

  • ACFL’s F1 1994 v.1.2. 
  • Discord – The only form of communicating during the events (no chat). No talking during the race unless letting overtaking drivers know you are aware of them behind you.
  • Helicorsa
  • Crew Chief. It’s free and will help you notice when others are around you
  • Download the trackpad here
Optional software but highly recommended to use if you can:
EXM take no responsibility if installing any 3rd party software adversely effects your systems hardware.
If you are having issues installing or setting up/using these programs EXM admin will be more than willing
to assist.

Race schedule


Practice will be open from the moment the server is live until Qualifying. We will endeavour to have this by the next day after the previous race if able to.

An Official Practice will start at 3pm on race day, leading into qualifying and the race


Will be 20 minutes and take place at 8.40PM British Summer Time. If any penalties are carried over from the previous meeting they will then be applied prior to the race where possible.


Races are to be 60 minutes in duration and will take place at 9.05pm British Summer Time.

If you’re not prepared for/miss the grid you will start from the pit. If that is not possible then you have forfeit the race and will be recorded as DNS.

Once the start lights have gone out the race is live. If you miss this, crash, aren’t ready the race will not be restarted.

Race results will be announced as unofficial until the stewards have dealt with any protests. Each driver must complete 1 mandatory pitstop for new tyres during the race  (fuel can be added at drivers discretion). Those that don’t carry out a tyre change will be DSQ’ed from the event. The pit stop can be done at any point on the race, but the series organisers reserve the right to change this if we see drivers abusing it (e.g. pitting on last lap)

Rules and regulations

1- Only two cars per team will be permitted at any one race meeting ie. 2 Ferrari’s, 2 McLarens etc.
Refer to driver/team list below to see which seats may be vacant. The points awarded  to the temporary driver will be applied to the manufacturer whose car he/she has raced in.

2- There is to be no swapping of vehicles you use during the season. You are to remain the same  car you took qualifying in from the first race. So be happy with your choice. If you don’t get the car you really want, choose another one.

3- If series drivers aren’t able to race please let the event organisers know so we can update
people to which cars are available for wild card drivers to use.

4- Drivers that wish to drop in or out of races – one offs etc will use whatever cars are available unless point 4 is applied.

5- 3 drivers per team will be accepted as long as it is understood that only two drivers will race at any race meeting. This will enable drivers to have time booked for holidays etc.

6- The points for that car (3rd driver or wild card driver), if any scored, will go to that manufacturer. The points earned by that driver will be awarded to him/her in the Drivers Championship.

7- Stewards will review each protest if any are received. Their word is final. Stewards will be announced in due course. Stewards can be contacted for an explanation of their ruling.

8- At all times drivers are to race as per the rules & driving standards of EXM (details can be found here:
Your entry into any events organised by EXM of this championship is taken as understood that you have read the rules & driving standards & automatically accepted them and will adhere to them.  Again the stewards word will be final.

  • The protest form will be made available after each event. It is the responsibility for each driver to ensure they make their own saved race footage to assist the stewards is made available to the stewards.
  • Protests are to be made available within 24 hours after the finishing of the race meeting and no later than that.
  • Race admin may also have a further look at any incidents they see take place during the meeting
    they will let the driver/s aware an incident involving them is being looked into.

Dates and Rounds

Trackpad download

  • Round 1 – 27/05 – Pacific (Okayama) – TEST Race, no points awarded
  • rd 2 – 10/06 – Brazil 
  • rd 3 – 24/06 – San Marino
  • rd 4 – 01/07 – Monaco
  • rd 5 – 08/07 – Spain
  • rd 6 – 22/07 – Canada
  • rd 7 – 05/08 – France
  • rd 8 – 19/08 – Great Britain
  • rd 9 – 26/08 – Germany
  • rd 10 – 02/09 – Hungary
  • rd 11 – 16/09 – Belgium
  • rd 12 – 23/09 – Italy
  • rd 13 – 07/10 – Portugal
  • rd 14 – 14/10 – Europe (Jerez)
  • rd 15 – 28/10 – Japan
  • rd 16 – 04/11 – Australia

Driver list

List of drivers of the F1 1994 AC league