Cayman GT4 Fun Fridays

Sign up

No real need to sign up unless you want to secure your place and set your skin (or send us your personalised one!). In that case sign up for the championship here

It’s free to participate on Exiled leagues, but servers have a cost so any donation is welcome. 

Event information

3x Fun races, 2×15 minutes each. 

Required software

Optional software but highly recommended:

Track downloads
If you are having issues installing or setting up/using these programs EXM admin will be more than willing to assist.

Race schedule


Practice will be open from the moment the server is live until Qualifying. We will endeavour to have this by the next day after the previous race if able to.

An Official Practice will start at 3pm on race day, leading into qualifying and the race


Will be 10 minutes and take place at 8.45PM British Summer Time. If any penalties are carried over from the previous meeting they will then be applied prior to the race where possible.

Race (2×15 min)

Races are to be 15 minutes in duration and will take place at 8:55pm British Summer Time. The 2nd race will use reverse grid for the entire field.

No pitstops required, no protests forms or points. Just fun racing. 

If you’re not prepared for/miss the grid you will start from the pit. If that is not possible then you have forfeit the race and will be recorded as DNS.

Once the start lights have gone out the race is live. If you miss this, crash, aren’t ready the race will not be restarted.


Dates and Rounds