Assetto Corsa Competizione – Season 2

Basic info and calendar

Welcome to the second Exiled Assetto Corsa Competizione league! We’ll be using the Intercontinental GT Pack in this one to expand to new places, and custom skins!


  • Kyalami – 7th July
  • Hungaroring – 14th July
  • Silverstone – 21st July
  • Laguna Seca – 28th July
  • Barcelona – 4th August
  • Bathurst – 11th August
Assetto Corsa Competizione

Race details and downloads

Practice: Server will be live from the previous race, official practice starts at 19:45 BST

Qualifying: 20:45 BST – 15 minutes 
: 21:00 BST – 60 minutes. Mandatory pitstop

Weather settings

Low weather variability enabled. It means it may rain, but should stay dry much of the time. But if it does rain during the race, be ready!

Custom skins

We’ll be using custom skins for this one so send your files to Justin before the start of the season. A skin pack will be provided before race 1. 

Search for Exiled in ACC. Password will be published on our Facebook and Discord groups. Safety Rating 60+ required.
DLC required
Intercontinental GT Pack required. (Steam)
Suggested apps
It’s recommended you join the Discord voice channel. LIVE TIMING
Race starts

We expect drivers to be careful during the start of the race, especially during the first lap. Reckless driving will not be tolerated and those causing incidents during the start of the race will be punished.

The admins will never restart a race because a huge pileup has occurred in Turn 1.

Any race restart will be done at the discretion of the admin(s).

Passing and contact

It is the overtaking driver who has the responsibility of making the pass without making contact. 

In general if the overtaking car is well alongside (more than 50%) at the turn in point, then it has the right of the line and the overtaken car should abide and ensure enough room for the pass to happen. 

Failure to get the car alongside by the turn in point will mean that the car in front has the right of line and you should back off and ensure no contact happens. The car in front may decide to leave you room, but you can not count on it. Any contact will likely be the responsibility of the overtaking car. 

If a pass is made when contact with the car/s is severe enough to push the overtaken car off-line or off-track -or spin, to lose the position-, for example because you overcooked the corner and were not able to stop the car, you will need to concede the position. Failure to do so will be penalised.


Defending drivers are asked not to block. Generally, the one movement across the track rule is standard – but if the block causes the driver to move off track, that will warrant a penalty.

What is a block? – When you drive across the track with the intention of stopping the car behind from overtaking you. It may or involve making contact with the other driver.

How can we tell the difference between a push-to-pass and a block? – It is the overtaking driver’s responsibility to ensure they can get past the driver ahead cleanly. As repeated above, if you make contact causing the defending driver to bounce off-line or off-track – or spin, you will be penalised.

Pole position – 1 point
Pos Points
1 35
2 30
3 25
4 22
5 21
6 20
7 19
8 18
9 17
10 16
11 15
12 14
13 13
14 12
15 11
16 10
17 9
18 8
19 7
20 6
21 5
22 4
23 3
24 2
25 1
Drop round

There will be no drop rounds for this championship.

There is a 24 hour cooling off period post-race to submit protests to admins. You may send and report upon an incident to an admin from 21:00 Wednesday (24 hours after race start). Once this window is open you have 48h to send your protest. 


If any information is entered incorrectly, your report will be voided.

The Exiled Stewards will investigate the incident and then Exiled administration will announce the results of the incident reviews.

It shall be at the discretion of the admins to decide if any driver involved in an incident should be penalised. Unless it is clear to the admins that a driver was wholly or predominantly to blame for an incident no penalty will be imposed.

Please do not send in reports unless the incident warrants a penalty or warning for the offender.

Sign up

Racing at Exiled is free, but any donations to keep the servers going are welcome! Make a donation now
(All money goes directly to the server payment system, not the owner).

You’re free to try and use car any you want before race 1, after then you’ll have to use the model raced on your first race for the rest of the season. If you want to change to a different model, a 50kg ballast will be added to your next race. 

The series is full! Thank you for your interest, please drop us a line on discord or facebook and we’ll let you know if anybody drops out. 

There are always a few spots available to race, so if you have a Safety Rating of 60+, feel free to join!
Check out our Facebook or Discord for password.