Assetto Corsa Competizione – Spa The Big One

Basic info 

Welcome to Exiled ‘ Spa The Big One, This will be a 3hr endurance race with 82 grid slots



Server opens 18:45
  • Class Qualification Tier 1
  • Class Qualification Tier 2 
  • Tier session 19:30 1hr Duration
  • Server opens 20:45

  • Class Qualification Tier 3 
  • Class Qualification Tier 4
  • Tier session 21:00 1hr Duration


  • 18:20 Practice 1Hr
  • 19:20 Qualifying 40mins First 20mins for Tiers 1 and 2
  •  Second 20mins for the Tiers 3 and 4
  • 20:00 Race Start 3 Hr race
Assetto Corsa Competizione


There will be 4 classes in this race to hopefully give everyone a chance to race people of their own pace throughout the field.

 When you sign up you will be added to a Tier these consist of 20 drivers in each Tier, The list of your tier will be posted on the discord channel, Facebook page and will also be emailed to you (this is why we require email address on sign up)

 The Tier session will be 1 hr long and all drivers need to complete a minimum of 5 laps and all drivers need to participate, Failure to take part in your tier will result in you being placed in the top class.

 Once you have completed the minimum laps you may leave the session, The target times required for each class will not be made public until all Tier sessions have been completed this is to hopefully stop drivers from driving slower to get in a lower class.

 Once all Tier sessions are completed you will be placed in the correct classes Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze and the class tables will be published on Discord and Facebook.



Race details and downloads

Practice: Server will be live from 18:20 day of event

Tier sessions

This will be hosted the week before qualifying and will be a 1hr session all drivers are required to attend as this will determine what class you will be entered into. Failure to turn up you will automatically be placed into the Platinum class 


This session will start at 19:20 and the first 20mins for Bronze and Silver Classes and the 2nd 20mins for the Platinum and Gold Classes 

All Classes should be in server before qualifying starts no joining whilst qualifying is underway

Race: 20:00 BST – 3hrs. No mandatory pitstops

Weather settings/Time scale

Low weather variability enabled. It means it may rain, but should stay dry much of the time. But if it does rain during the race, be ready!

Time scale will be set to X 4 and the Race time will start at 15:30 game time for the 3hr race.

Custom skins

We’ll be using custom skins for this one so send your files to Justin before the start of the season. Deadline for skin will be.

I will require both the Cars and Liveries Files and If all png files can be compressed it saves me alot of time

    1. Due to lag spikes when using custom liveries all drivers are required to be on server during Practice and not to join whilst qualifying is taking place also we ask you not to log out from qualifying.

Search for Exiled in ACC. Password will be published on our Facebook and Discord groups.

Safety Rating 60+ required.

DLC required

Intercontinental GT Pack required. (Steam)

Suggested apps

It’s recommended you join the Discord voice channel.

 This event is being run to support the Pancreatic Cancer UK Charity this is a charity that is close to my heart as I suffer from Pancreatitis myself and spent many months in hospital with people that are affected by this cruel illness.
I have set up a Just Giving Page donations are welcomed but not compulsory.

Please Donate Here



There will be winning Plaques for the Top 3 of the Overall race and also a plaque for the winners of the Gold,Silver and Bronze Classes.
  These Plaques are being supplied by Uncle Lukes Sign & Sticker shop, Luke is a good personal friend of mine but these plaques don’t come free sadly so donations towards would be grateful

Sign up

Racing at Exiled is free, but any donations to keep the servers going are welcome! Make a donation now
(All money goes directly to the server payment system, not the owner).


There are always a few spots available to race, so if you have a Safety Rating of 60+, feel free to join!
Check out our Facebook or Discord for password.