Exiled Historic Touring Car Championship

Event Information - including skin template


Open setup series. 


Will start at 20:50PM UK time and be for 12 minutes. Unlimited laps.


Warmup will be 5 mins, before each Race Session


Will start at 21:10PM (approx) UK time and be for 2 x 20 minute races.

Reverse grid for 60% of the entrants for race 1.

There will be ONE dropped score due to it being the summer to try and help people with other commitments.

Car download

The car is available here


We massively recommend using Crew Chief.

Car Template

Download. This contains the car body.

Dates and Rounds

All Fridays – Fortnightly

Entries/Sign up currently OPEN

Historing Touring Car Championship


Live timing when available here.

5 thoughts on “Exiled Historic Touring Car Championship”

  • Dear admins,

    I’ve just registered to the EHTCC (twice – my apologies – #91 is fine for me), but I seem to have some problems navigating the website:

    – I can’t find an entry list, standings and race results. I mean, the page from which I am currently writing mentions all these things, but has no active links to them. Could you direct me there?

    – I can’t find any information on voice chat channels and which software to use for those, even though your rules state presence there is mandatory. Could you provide that information?

    Thanks in advance. I’m looking forwards to racing in this series.

    Kind Regards,

    Yoeri Gijsen

  • Love the Datsun! Your races are at about 1 p.m. my time on Friday and I don’t work until 5 p.m., so that should work out.

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