ETCC – Season 1

Our Touring car races, and academy races will be on a MONDAY. Quali starts at 20:45GMT.

  • 6th January – Academy Race 1 – Mini Challenge
  • 20th January – Academy Race 2 – Spec Miata (MX5)

Completion allows entry to the ETCC (Exiled Touring Car Championship)

  • 10th of February – ETCC Round 1, 2
  • 17th of February – ETCC Round 3, 4
  • 24th of February – ETCC Round 5, 6
  • 2nd of March – ETCC Round 7, 8
  • 9th of March – ETCC Round 9, 10
  • 16th of March – ETCC Round 11, 12
rFactor 2

Exiled Touring Car Championship

The ETCC will see a variety of FWD and RWD battle around the most iconic British tracks.

Each round will consist of 2x 20 minutes races, with the second race using full reverse grid.

Success ballast will be applied. 

More importantly, to join the ETCC you first have to compete in the Exiled Academy

BTCC NGTC modCar download

We’ll be using the excellent BTCC NGTC mod by StrawmanAndy and company. And great collection of high quality FWD and RWD. 


For more information about the ETCC or the Exiled Academy please use the forums instead of Facebook.

Exiled Academy

Both Academy races have to be finished in order to be eligible for entry to the ETCC

Driving the EXILED way. Drivers at EXILED know what this is all about. We have had some amazing championships, but recently we have suffered a decline in both numbers, and driving standard.

We want a core group, who will turn up every week, mainly and who drive to a certain standard.

An academy is a fun way to identify that core group, both from existing, and new members.

Rules and Schedule for Academy Races

  • NO NICKNAMES are allowed. One warning will be given, and then a ban. This is so that our live timing and points systems work as they should.
  • 10 timed laps on the server must be completed before race night. No exceptions. Failure to record those laps will mean you’re not allowed to participate on the academy race. 

Weather forecast: We will be making sure it is dry, and overcast
Standing start with formation lap.
Damage 100%. Please bear this in mind, this is to discourage any excessive contact.


We do allow absences as sometimes life can be unpredictable but please inform us as early as you can. If you do not show without telling us, you will lose your place in the academy and will be excluded from signing up for the following season.

Race night schedule

All times are GMT.

18:30 – Official open practice opens.
20:00 – All cars must be on the server
20:45 – 20:55 – Qualifying
20:55 – 21:00 – 5 min break/warmup
21:00 – 21:20 (est) Race 1 Standing Start/Warmup lap
21:20 (est) – 21:35 – Race 2. Full reverse grid. This is to monitor driving standards of faster/slower drivers and over aggression.

Academy cars

The two cars we are using are:

  • Mini Challenge (credit AndyStrawman) which is Front Wheel Drive
  • Spec Miata (MX5). Amended version which has slick tyres on to allow more grip than the workshop version. This Rear wheel drive to allow an academy using both drivetrains, much like the BTCC.
Car download

We have created two mods with all the cars in them.

On sign up you will grant access to a sub forum, for just the academy drivers that will contain the track information and also what number car you are to select on entering the server.

Sign up

We’re full! List below will be updated soon. 

The first 40 drivers will drive the academy races and then the EXILED Touring Car Championship.
The next 5 drivers will be on the reserve list.