ETCC Protest Results

Rounds 10,11 and 12 – Croft

NO PROTESTS (Thank you!)






Rounds 7,8 and 9 – Silverstone National

Protest 1

Protest void as Robinson has left the league.

Protest 2
GAIDO protesting GUARDIA

Gaido believes that Guardia does not leave him space.

After a much in depth investigation, the stewards conclude that neither driver is at fault. They state that whilst actions could have been taken to avoid the contact, both drivers had played parts in the role. At the time through the kink to the left before the right corner, Guardia was well ahead and didn’t expect a car to dive on the inside. Guardia has taken the corner normally because of this.

We do believe that there was still room for Gaido but of course he didn’t expect a car to turn in. Given the complexity of the corners at that part of the track, we do deem this to be a racing incident.

On a side note, we did pass this evidence on to a separate committee and the result was overwhelming, in favour of a racing incident.


Rounds 4,5 and 6 – Oulton Park

Protest 1
GAIDO protesting BONARDI

During the Race Gaido believes that Bonardi has rejoined the track in a dangerous manner.

Whilst the stewards note that Bonardi has not done anything intentional here, they do agree that Bonardi has rejoined the track in a dangerous manner. Given the evidence of pedal input, it seems that Bonardi has failed to attempt to control the car and attempt to keep the car to the left hand side of the track. Bonardi receives a 10 second time penalty for that particular race.

Protest 2
GAIDO protesting HARRIS

Gaido believes that Harris drove in an aggressive manner. Heading in to Island Bend Harris and Gaido are holding their lines. As Harris brakes his car slides by a small about causing Harris to correct with a slight turn to the right. This causes contact with Gaido.

The stewards believe that this is an unfortunate racing incident where both parties could have been spared had a little more room been given. Harris has taken Gaido out, but Gaido was also squezzing Harris to the left. I believe both parties have been in contact with eachother and everyone is in agreement that no one individual is to blame.

Protest 3

Casciello believes that Harris has closed the door on him, causing contact.

The stewards state that whilst this did happen, Harris has clearly reacted to an incident ahead of him. He then takes a normal line when Casciello arrives, and the two car comes together. We strongly feel this is a racing incident and commend Harris for reacting to the trouble ahead. We don’t condone ‘rubbing’, but while the two parties drive off together with no time lost, it’s something we prefer to monitor instead of punish. We will however take a stern view if one of the parties is left behind facing the wrong way. We will note that we do feel for Casciello but the trajectory of the corner and with the incident that happened before hand, we couldn’t have thought Harris could do much more. Racing Incident.

Protest 4

Casciello and Harris are entering the final corner of the race. Casciello has a good run on the inside and attempts to take the corner, as this happens, Harris too attempts to make the corner and contact is made, causing Casciello to spin.

As mentioned in Protest 3, we don’t mind a little bit of ‘rubbing’ as long as no one car clearly gains an advantage. (however we never condone ‘love taps’ where you push a car). As Casciello is clearly on the inside, and ahead, Harris has still attempted to take a normal line. We understand that it’s the last lap of the race and everyone wants to win, but Harris should have given more space. 10 second time penalty to Harris. This demotes him from P2 to P9.

Please note that watching the race back, Casciello and Harris seem to be rubbing quite a bit, Stewards will monitor this and we ask you to both calm down. Whilst we are here to be competitive, our main goal has always been to have fun and enjoy each others company. Can we try and do this?

Protest 5

Arezzo was on the right side coming in to Island Bend, and Bonardi was on the left. Bonardi has drifted wide, causing his rear side wheel to touch the grass. He then loses the rear, and the car collides with Arezzo.

This was clearly a massive unfortunate incident. Arezzo managed to continue forward with no places lost. We do ask Bonardi to attempt to be a little more careful going forward as it could have been a much bigger incident. We are grateful to read that Bonardi has apologised in the rFactor chat. Racing Incident.


Rounds 1,2 and 3 – Donington National

Protest 1
BONARDI protesting GAIDO

During Qualifying Bonardi is preparing for a timed lap when Gaido passes and they make contact.

The stewards feel that even though Gaido has not done anything directly wrong, as he does still have a right to go for the corner, he should have used a bit more common sense here and this whole thing could have been easily avoided. No punishment will be handed out but we implore that drivers have a little more respect and logic. Had he have slowed just a little, we wouldn’t need to be looking at this incident.

Protest 2
GAIDO protesting HARRIS

During Race 2, Harris has a better exit out of the corner and quickly closes in on Gaido, a move is made and contact occurs.

The stewards have looked into this with a fine tooth comb. They’ve even had input from a real racing driver who has had the exact same thing happen to him on the same corner!

We feel that this is a racing incident. We once again ask for a little more respect and logic from both drivers. The incident is very similar to what happened to Gaido in Protest 1. So we move on. We encourage drivers to race, but let’s start giving each other a little more space, or bide our time and wait for the next chance.

Very Important Note –

The stewards expected many more protests for these 3 races. However they’ve noticed a pattern. The drivers who protested have NOT tried to discuss anything with the driver in question, on that too the driver who ‘initiated’ the incident has not tried to discuss anything. So how can we learn?

The drivers who were involved in bigger incidents dealt with it straight away, they discussed with the other driver and they moved on. This helps build trust and respect. So going forward, in a civilised manner, next time you feel you MAY have affected someones race, or if you feel you’ve been affected, reach out in an amicable way. You could fix the situation before it gets to protests.