Formula Masters 2019

League information and calendar

The league will be formed by 2 academy races and 6 league races. In order to be eligible to race you’ll have to race in one of the academy one. More information on the academy races below. 

You’ll be required a minimum of £1 donation in order to race the league. You don’t need to donate anything in order to join the academy races. 

Academy races
  • Brno – Friday 15th November
  • Nurburgring GP – Monday 18th November
League races
  • Mugello – 29th November
  • Magny-Cours – 13th December
  • Hungaroring – 10th January
  • Valencia – 24th January
  • Imola ’94 – 7th February
  • Donington Park – 21st February
Assetto Corsa

Race details and downloads

You can join as part of a team of as a privateer!

Practice: Server will be live from the previous race, official practice starts at 17:45GMT – 3 hours
Qualifying: 20:45GMT – 15 minutes 

Warmup: 5 minutes (if possible, may be dropped)
Race: 21:05GMT – 45 minutes – one mandatory stop to take tyres, 2 compounds required. 

Server settings

1x Fuel usage
2x Tyre usage
50% damage
Standing start

Pit window

There’s a mandatory stop to take tyres, two different compounds are required, like in F1. The pit window will open between minute 10 and 35 of the race. 


Formula Masters 2009  – Modified for Exiled. Includes the skin template. Download here.

Setup – Download. Do not use the baseline, it’s terrible! Drop this file to
\Documents\Assetto Corsa\setups\ex_ifm_2009\generic

Academy Races

Brno – Download
Nurburgring GP – GT layout (default)

League races

Trackpad will be published as soon as we update a few to add more pit stops.

Required apps

Sol – Download
Helicorsa – Download
Crew chief – Download

If you need help with any of the apps, just drop us a line on Facebook or Discord, we’re here to help!

Academy races

So why are we doing this? Exiled is a tight group of simracers and we what to keep it this way. 2 things are key for that to continue: commitment and fair racing. We don’t care if you’re the best simracer or the slowest, you’re here to enjoy racing with people you know, not strangers on a random lobby. 

The admins spend a lot of time making sure that this goes on, so having people sign up and never race, or be a turn 1 nutcase and ruin the race of half the field is not acceptable. Join us on these races and show that you’re the kind of simracers that Exiled needs: committed and fair. 

What we’ll be looking for when selecting drivers to the league?
  • Drivers that have been racing with Exiled for long time
  • People that have shown commitment in the past. We want people to sign up and race, not be on race 1 and never appear again
  • Those who are cautious on lap 1, specially on those first turns, avoiding accidents
  • People that slow down when there’s an incident in front of them
  • Those who race fair: no blocking, no closing the door when somebody else is overtaking on the inside lane, those who respect blue flags and let the leaders go

Want to learn more? Join the Facebook group and we’ll get you started.


PSD template is included with the car. Please upload your skins (as a zip file) here:

Skin sharing folder

Sign up


Probably yes, as a few people always have to drop here and there due to other commitments. We’ll publish on Facebook if there are any “wild cards” available for the next race. 

You will still need to fulfil the minimum of £1 donation in order to join, and a minimum of 10 laps recorded on the server to show your commitment. 

This will always at the discretion of the admins, who may decide not to let anybody join the league races once the championship has started. 

Two reasons: 1) It shows that you’re really interested in racing, not just sign up to anything you see and then you never hear from you again. 
And 2), keeping dedicated servers online costs a lot of money! Your donations will help keep Exiled alive and kicking. 

Yes you can! If you sponsor the series we’ll make sure that your logo will appear on every poster on a weekly basis, and everybody will be able to race without making a donation, thanks to you. 

Plus we’ll publish information about your company here, and on an announcement on Facebook, so everybody knows about it. 

For more information just PM Mike Tanti on Facebook. 

Not at all! One of the great things about Exiled is that we’re a bunch of mix skills so you always have somebody similar to you to race fair against. 

We will look first for people that has shown commitment to our series, then clean racers, hence the Academy races. 

Probably we won’t need to look at the times at all.