Formula Renault 3.5 Season 2

Basic info and calendar

Welcome to Season 2 of the Exiled Formula Renault 3.5 for rFactor 2. After the outstanding success in numbers and quality of the first season, we’re back with some old favourites and new tracks. Make sure to sign up soon or you’ll miss the fun!

 Season 2

  • Melbourne – 6th April
  • Magny-Cours – 20th April
  • Montreal – 4th May
  • Jerez – 18th May
  • Valencia – 1st June
  • Istanbul – 15th June
rFactor 2

Race details and downloads

Practice: Server will be live from the previous race, official practice starts at 18:00 BST

Qualifying: 20:45 BST – 15 minutes 
Warm-up: 5 minutes 
Race: 21:05 BST – 45 minutes – one mandatory stop to take tyres. 

Check these times in my timezone

Server settings

1x Fuel usage
3x Tyre wear
25% damage
Standing start

Pit window

There’s a mandatory stop to take tyres.

Be aware that there’s no refueling on the FR3.5, and most damage can not be fixed, much like in any single seater race. So be careful out there, this is not BTCC!!


All content is free.


Formula Renault 3.5  – Official from S397. Get it in the workshop.


You’ll be able to download them directly from the server every week, or download below

Required apps

Crew chief – Download

If you need help with the car of any of the apps, just drop us a line on Facebook or Discord, we’re here to help!

Race starts

We expect drivers to be careful during the start of the race, especially during the first lap. Reckless driving will not be tolerated and those causing incidents during the start of the race will be punished.

The admins will never restart a race because a huge pileup has occurred in Turn 1.

Admins may restart the race during the formation lap if a participant has suddenly experienced technical issues. For example rFactor 2 has crashed and on rejoin the participant appears as “pending a practice session”. 

Any race restart will be done at the discretion of the admin(s).

Passing and contact

Open wheel cars are not touring cars so we expect participants to be careful when overtaking, avoiding things like sending the car to the inside of the corner hoping that it will stick. It is the overtaking driver who has the responsibility of making the pass without making contact. 

In general if the overtaking car is well alongside (more than 50%) at the turn in point, then it has the right of the line and the overtaken car should abide and ensure enough room for the pass to happen. 

Failure to get the car alongside by the turn in point will mean that the car in front has the right of line and you should back off and ensure no contact happens. The car in front may decide to leave you room, but you can not count on it. Any contact will likely be the responsibility of the overtaking car. 

If a pass is made when contact with the car/s is severe enough to push the overtaken car off-line or off-track -or spin, to lose the position-, for example because you overcooked the corner and were not able to stop the car, you will need to concede the position. Failure to do so will be penalised.


Defending drivers are asked not to block. Generally, the one movement across the track rule is standard – but if the block causes the driver to move off track, that will warrant a penalty.

What is a block? – When you drive across the track with the intention of stopping the car behind from overtaking you. It may or involve making contact with the other driver.

How can we tell the difference between a push-to-pass and a block? – It is the overtaking driver’s responsibility to ensure they can get past the driver ahead cleanly. As repeated above, if you make contact causing the defending driver to bounce off-line or off-track – or spin, you will be penalised. 

It is highly recommended that all drivers use CrewChief as their spotter.

In the event of a block you may be asked if you use CrewChief, if not – and you’ve caused an incident, you could be penalised, and will be reminded that it’s highly recommended to use Crew Chief. 

Crew Chief will call out your surroundings when a car is alongside you, therefore, there is no excuse that the spotter did not call it.




Push-to-pass (1 place gained)

Position swap (unless conceded)

Push-to-pass (multiple places lost)

Finishing position deduction of however many places the defendant lost in incident’s time.

Blocking offence (1)


Blocking offence (2)

Back of grid for the next race

Cause of multi-car incident


Cause of multi-car incident during lap 1

DSQ + 1 race ban

Contact causing retirement (offence 1)


Contact causing retirement (offence 2)

DSQ + Pit start

Contact causing retirement (offence 3)

1 Race ban

Intentional wrecking

Life-time ban

Entering race without official entry into series


Handing password to drivers outside of series without prior permission

1 race ban


We will use the V8 Supercars format with 150 points for the winner, and points awarded to the top 30. 

Drop round

There will be no drop rounds for this championship.

There is a 24 hour cooling off period post-race to submit protests to admins. You may send and report upon an incident to an admin from 21:00 Tuesday (24 hours after race start). Once this window is open you have 48h to send your protest. 


If any information is entered incorrectly, your report will be voided.

The Exiled Stewards will investigate the incident and then Exiled administration will announce the results of the incident reviews.

It shall be at the discretion of the admins to decide if any driver involved in an incident should be penalised. Unless it is clear to the admins that a driver was wholly or predominantly to blame for an incident no penalty will be imposed.

Please do not send in reports unless the incident warrants a penalty or warning for the offender.


Custom skins encouraged! Download the PSD template.

Here are some amazing designs form the first season done by Craig Robinson. We hope to see another great looking grid this time. 

FR3.5 designs by Craig Robinson


Probably yes, as a few people always have to drop here and there due to other commitments. We’ll publish on Facebook if there are any “wild cards” available for the next race. 

This will always at the discretion of the admins, who may decide not to let anybody join the league races once the championship has started. 

If you had an incident during the race, please get in touch with the other driver(s) involved and try to solve it, specially if you think you were at fault. We’re not professional racing drivers and mistakes happen, so please try to solve it between you rather than rage quitting and posting videos of the “outrageous” maneuver. It doesn’t help anybody. 

If you still find that you can’t solve it, a protest form will be published the day after the race and it will be open for 48h. Admins will review the incidents and may issue warnings, time penalties or assign penalties for future races like start from the pit lane or ban drivers. But we hope this will not be necessary is 99% of the incidents can be solved privately between the parties involved. 

Also note that admins may decide to ignore a protest if the parties involved have not tried to solve it amicably in private first.

During the pre-season period password will be exiled1, to allow as many as possible to try the cars. 

Once the sign up closes the password will be announced to the participants on a private facebook/discord group.

Password will be different for each round.