Our racing rules

Exiled Virtual Motorsports is a group for like minded sim racers organised and run by volunteers. The following rules and regulations have been put in place to enhance everyone’s enjoyment and racing within our group. Please adhere to the following document as failure to do so may lead to penalties and ultimately bans.

Entry to our servers is based on agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to any of them, then there are plenty of other places to race.These rules are subject to change as there are constant updates/changes within the sim world; it is your responsibility to update yourself on the changes.

Abbreviations, the full name Exiled Virtual Motorsport will be replaced by the abbreviation EXM throughout this document.

General Undertaking

a. It is expected that every participant and driver (entrant) at any event shall conduct themselves according to the highest standards of behaviour and sportsmanship, particularly in their relationship with other drivers, admin and officials, also in a manner, that shall not be detrimental to the reputation of EXM. Failure to do so may result in harsh penalties.

b .Good sportsmanship is the very essence of the sport, and the foundation of any competition. Competitors are expected to hold the qualities of fairness, honesty, courtesy, and justice to be more important than the outcome of the race. Real sportsmen/women may have an intense desire to win, but not at all costs. The actual winners are the true sportsman/woman that might go home with nothing in his/her hands, but the satisfaction of knowing they have competed with honesty, fairness, and integrity.

c. Any unsportsmanlike conduct, on any scale, is not welcome at EXM online events. Acts of unsportsmanlike conduct have many forms such as name-calling, arguing, making accusations and intimidation. No form of unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated. Competitors that show poor sportsmanship due to a mistake in judgment will be educated. However, competitors that commit repeated acts of unsportsmanlike conduct will be excluded from all future events.

d. All drivers must know all the rules. Ignorance of a specific rule is not a defence. Please contact a member of the EXM admin if you require any explanation or clarification regarding any rules.

e. All registered participants are required to attend the event. If a driver is unable to attend, you are required to inform a member of admin ahead of time. While it is understandable that this may not be possible from time to time, repeated no-shows may result in your entries to future events being filled by participants whom are deemed to be more reliable.

f. All race or championship entries must be made through official routes. EXM will publish notice of events in advance of sign up dates to allow everyone a fair opportunity to sign up.

g. It is the entrant’s responsibility to be connected to the correct server at the correct time. Also, to make sure your connection is as stable as possible, as anyone with a poor connection will run the risk of being removed from the server.

h. All mandatory apps must be installed and running when required. Anyone not running the mandatory apps will be removed from the server.

i. Drivers should display real names within sims and discord not gamer tags. This is because you will be entered into the race/championship using your real name to allow admin to convert race results to points and onto the championship standings.

j. It may be advisable to reset your router before connecting to the server, EXM reserve the right to remove anyone from the server whose ping is viewed to be excessively high and/or causing lag.

Driving Standards

a. Respect always those you share a track with.

b. Track surface is between white lines. More than 2 wheels over the white line is classed as exploiting track limits. Crossing yellow lines to gain an advantage is also considered Violation of track Limits. If there are any questions, please message an admin at least 48 hours before the event. So we can then announce details as a clarification. Track limits are NOT routinely monitored, and occasionally running wide as a result of pushing is to be expected in sim racing. Deliberate shortening or narrowing the angle of a corner is not accepted – EVEN if the anti-cutting tool doesn’t consider it as a cut. Common-sense, imagine real life. Would they do it? If the answer is no, then neither would you.

c. Additional caution and care must be taken when starting a race. As a wise racer once said, “nothing is won in the first corner or even the first lap, but everything can be lost.” Harsher penalties will be imposed for first lap incidents. Remember things do happen, but people have been practicing, and looking forward to these events. To be taken out after 30 seconds is very frustrating.

d. Be Patient. Begin the race at a normal pace that will not cause you to run into cars in front of you. Don’t begin by steering to one side and attempting to barge through the pack. Conversely, don’t begin at a slow pace that will make you an obstruction or barrier to cars behind you. Essentially drive within your limits. Sometimes starting at the back is not always the worst option.

e. Your goal on turn 1 should not be to get to the front, but rather to convert a double wide start field to a single file running order. Look ahead more than one car. Due to field compression, a compact field will run slower through the first few turns than a spread out one. Leave some extra space, and be prepared to brake earlier.
When approaching the first corner, keep in mind there will be times that you are punted off, especially when racing in a crowded server. In a crowded field, pinball is quite possible. A racer who runs into you may have been punted. Don’t automatically assume malicious intent.

f. Any incidents occurring on the first lap will carry a harsher penalty when blame can be apportioned.

g. The responsibility for the decision to pass another car, and to do it safely, rests with the overtaking driver. The overtaken driver should be aware that he/she is being passed and must not impede that pass by blocking. A driver who does not watch his/her mirrors or who appears to be blocking another car seeking to pass may be penalized.

h. Once the trailing car has its front wheels half way down the side next to the driver of the other vehicle, it is considered that the trailing car has the right to be there and that the leading driver must leave the trailing driver enough “racing room”. If adequate racing room is left for the trailing car, and there is incidental contact made between cars, the contact will be considered “side-to-side”. Incidental side-to-side contact maybe considered “a racing incident.”

Consider the car you are in. A single seater car is not made for contact of any sorts, whereas a tin top is more forgiving.

i. Blocking/defending. A driver may choose to protect his or her line so long as it is not considered blocking. Blocking is defined as two (2) consecutive line changes to “protect his/her line”, and in doing so, impedes the vehicle that is trying to pass with each of the two (2) consecutive movements.

The driver in front has the right to choose any line, so long as not to be considered blocking. The driver attempting to make a pass shall have the right to the line when their front wheel is beside the driver of the other vehicle. 
Leading cars have the right to take their line of choice through corners. I.e. they may drive a defensive line around the inside of a corner to protect their position, thereby forcing an attacking driver to try to pass around the outside. This is not blocking and is part of normal racing etiquette.

j. When you get ‘locked up’ in a group battle on the straights, you are not allowed to bump the driver in front of you to free yourself out of that situation. Stay behind that driver or move sideways as soon as there’s sufficient room to do so.

k. The term “punting” is defined as nose-to-tail (or side-of-the-nose to side-of-the-tail) contact, where the leading car is significantly knocked from the racing line. The “nose” of the car is defined as the area from one front wheel, around the front of the car, to the other front wheel including the wheels themselves. (see 2f).

l. If you make a significant driving error and another driver or driver’s attempts to capitalize on it, they have the right to do so. Do not try to collide or retaliate because of your error. Retaliation will carry a harsh penalty.

m. It is the responsibility of the driver recovering from any incident to take all necessary care to not interfere with any cars still on the track and not part of the incident, whether it be their own fault or caused by others.

n. It is the responsibility of the car returning to the track to ensure there are no collisions so that no other drivers are caused to manoeuvre or brake suddenly to allow you to resume racing. If there’s a chance of a collision, wait and be patient as other drivers have the right of way.

o. Do not reverse back onto the track unless it is necessary. If you are backing up away from a wall first look around you to avoid a collision and as the collision would be your fault.

p. Whenever possible you should always re-enter the track parallel to the road, slowly and gently, and always with great care. This gives you the best opportunity to see what’s coming up the track behind you, and it also gives drivers coming up on you the best chance to orientate and react to your situation.

q. Although the flag systems in sim are a bit unreliable, it is not the full responsibility of the driver who has gone off to avoid a collision. An approaching driver still has due diligence to slow down and react to avoid the accident; comparing to real life again. You wouldn’t just barrel past and hope for the best.

r. Drivers that are about to get lapped must make sure not to interfere with the lapping cars. Slow down on the straights on either side of the track or maintain the outside line during cornering. If for whatever reason you happen to be on the inside line when being overtaken, stay on the inside line until all drivers that were about to lap you have passed. You are not allowed to deliberately block the lapping cars. Whenever possible talk via the voice channels to state which side they should pass you, or use the relative box to know when cars are approaching. If you are off the pace, expect leaders to approach.

s. Drivers will not cut the queue in qualifying in the pits.

t. If you wish to abandon your lap, you must do this safely, and off the racing line, preferably off the circuit to not impede anyone else’s lap. Causing someone to abandon their lap

u. No contact in races that have a formation lap, or in qualifying. There is simply no need.

v. All drivers must be in a fit state to drive. Excessive alcohol or drug use, causing irrational behaviour and driving is not acceptable.

Voice chat

a. All drivers should be on the correct voice channel during official practice, qualifying and race events. This is necessary to keep all drivers informed of any problems or delays that may occur. Failure to do this may lead to the offending driver being kicked from the server.

b. Preferable drivers should be on a push to talk setup to avoid excessive unnecessary background noise caused by some people’s setups.

c. Chat should be kept to a minimum during qualifying sessions and races to allow drivers to concentrate and, also allow important information to be passed clearly between drivers.

d. Real names should be used as your display name on voice channels to help people identify who they are speaking with and admin to deal with any issues.

e. EXM will not tolerate any form of public arguments, bullying or trash talking. If you have any issues you wish to discuss admin can move you to a private room.


Protests will only be open for league/championship events. No protests will be viewed regarding fun races.

Before considering the use of a protest, watch the replay from as many angles and perspectives as possible yourself and try to look impartially at the incident. Does it warrant a protest?

Use the correct form on the EXM website www.exiledvirtualmotorsport.co.uk.

Protests and Complaints regarding another participant must be filed no later than 48 hours after race completion. Any filings outside the allotted window or protests lacking any information will not be reviewed. If your protest is declined due to invalid or improper filing of a protest or missing or improper information, you may not be able to resubmit the protest.

A protest must have only the following information;
Name of event in question
Participants in question
Exact time-stamp of incident
Cite exact policy violated

Try not to include your own opinion or play-by-play of the incident, if we need this information will ask you for it to be sent to us via PM.

Excessive unsubstantiated protests or complaints will be grounds for penalty/discipline.

Penalties are issued only if there is clear and obvious malicious intent in a person’s actions, or repeated misjudgement. Accidental contact is part of auto-racing and is not considered malicious. Filing a protest does not guarantee it will be resolved with a penalty.

Note on protests

Finally. The admin team are all voluntary. They are doing this out of their own time, and believe it or not, they also don’t like dealing with protests, or receiving abuse as a result of them. They are hard work, and ultimately leave someone disappointed or angry. If you get a penalty, by all means appeal, in a NICE way, with evidence. Don’t just rant. EXM try to evaluate themselves, but alsouse a completely impartial source to view the protests, and have other 3rdparties they can consult. These 3rdparties are involved with the most professional league in sim racing, The VEC.

Apps & content

It is the responsibility of the member/driver to ensure all relevant and required content is downloaded and installed correctly. Anyone not running the correct apps will be booted from the server until such a time as they have them installed and running correctly. Apps can be found on the EXM website.

Please ensure you check the website and Facebook events to ensure you have everything up to date before entering a server.

EXM Race licence

(all of this is provisional)

From the 14th of January 2018. Everyone’s races will be entered into a licence system, which will come into full effect in 6 months’ time.

An overall rating will be calculated, with different thresholds for different licences.

In the future, different series will require different licence levels.

Championship Points.

EXM will run individual championships, generally using the system below. If it is different, it will be mentioned.

Championship race points will be scored as follows .

1st = 50 points
2nd = 45 points
3rd = 40 points
4th = 38 points
5th = 35 points
6th = 32 points
7th = 29 points
8th = 26 points
9th = 23 points
10th = 20 points
11th = 19 points
12th = 18 points
13th = 17 points
14th = 16 points
15th = 15 points
16th = 14 points
17th = 13 points
18th = 12 points
19th = 11 points
20th = 10 points
21st = 9 points
22nd = 8 points
23rd = 7 points
24th = 6 points

Pole Position = 2 points
Fastest Race lap = 1 point


This is not a final document and will be updated regularly as events unfold and lessons are learned. All we ask is that you keep your racing as clean and respectful as possible always.

Indeed, if you feel we are missing anything please contact a member of EXM admin regarding your query.

We are a community and open to discussion.