RF2 Mini Challenge Protests

REPRIMAND Introduction and Definition.

We have opted to use a new system for this series where we will issue Reprimands. Normal penalties will still apply however if you’ve been issued a Reprimand and then incur a penalty for the remainder of the series, expect a heavier penalty to those who have not been issued reprimands. A reprimand will last two rounds after then round you were issued. So if you receive one in Round 1, it will expire at Round 4. Thank you.

Current Live penalties and reprimands.

  • MESHKOV, Alexandr – Reprimand (2 rounds left)
  • HUGHES, Jimi – Reprimand (2 rounds left)
  • AZEVEDO, Sergio – Reprimand (2 rounds left)
  • DELMONT, Adam – Reprimand (1 round left)
  • CLAPANO, Alexis – Reprimand (1 round left)
  • RAJKOVIC, Milan – Reprimand (1 round left)
  • DJURIC, Mihajlo – Reprimand (1 round left)

Round 3 – NOLA


Race 1 – Two drivers trying everything to avoid being overtaken/trying to overtake. In the braking zone they make contact, but no way Sergio could have avoided this – Racing accident.


Alexandr did overcook the corner – but is an isolated incident. Can’t see any intent, just playing with margins and got it wrong. Reprimand to be more careful in future to try and avoid the accident – but no penalty.


Firstly, there is an obvious now rivalry here, for the record, five separate admins have looked at the incidents.

AZEVEDO, Sergio – the brake check in the middle of the flat out part of the esses is unacceptable. All stewards noticed this on the inputs within the replay. There is a clear stab of the brake pedal with Jimi behind you, causing him to hit you. In this instance you spin. But there were many cars behind, and this could have caused a pile up on lap one and taken many drivers out.

Turn 1 incident – Both of you have been driving into each other for both rounds and this also bleeds into 4, below. Causing Craig’s race to be over by both of your actions. Other drivers have made it round this very same corner side by side.

General Conduct – Both of you have been goading each other, moving late in braking zones, door swiping and just trying to force each other into an accident.

PENALTY – HUGHES, Jimi.  A majority of admin agreed (70%) the following statement. 
“Due to multiple incidents with Sergio and allowing emotions to hamper good judgement while racing. Resulting in an innocent bystander that was not involved to crash.” Due to this a pitlane start for the next round was agreedFailure to complete this will warrant exclusion from the event.

PENALTY – AZEVEDO, Sergio – DQ from race 2, the brake check is unacceptable, dangerous, and stupid, and the repeated contacts (at least five per race into other drivers) and this hopefully nips it in the bud. You are obviously very fast, and very capable, but more caution is requested. Some contact is acceptable, but the race ruining contacts to other drivers has been mentioned quite a few times now.
ALSO – Pitlane start for the next round for general standardsFailure to complete this will warrant exclusion from the event.


As above.

Round 2 – Botniaring Short


Both drivers have been Disqualified from both rounds. Admins have had their say and deem the matter closed. A reminder that Bad Langauge and intentional wrecking going forward will result in EXCLUSION from any ongoing Series.


a) Marc believes that Milan has made no attempt to avoid a side by side incident which has spun Marc out.

After the initial tap Milan holds his line around the corner, he continues to hold his line where Marc is along side him. Marcs car drifts into the path of Milan and Marc does indeed spin out. The stewards note that while Milan didn’t have to yield his line, it was his reaction, or therefore lack of, that has contributed to Marc spinning out. No attempt to steer away or decreased speed. It was almost like Milan was oblivious that anything was happened.

b) Paul believes that Milan has had complete disregard and has driven straight into the pack of Paul.

The stewards completely agree with this and are concerned with Milan once again showing no signs of awareness with making contact with another driver. Milan has driven into Paul at speed and has continued to be at 100% throttle whilst spinning Paul around.

Merging both of these protests together we have no option but to issue Milan with a reprimand and must start Round 3 (NOLA Short C) – Race 1 from the Pitlane. Failure to complete this will warrant exclusion from the event.


Paul believes that he has been punted into the corner, after managing to save it, Mihajlo has returned and they’ve collided.

The stewards agree with this. Mihajlo has made a late lunge and hits Paul quite hard on the rear panel. After Paul manages to save it, Mihajlo starts to close the door for Paul where really he should have either a, yielded or b, given more space.

As neither one of those things the Stewards have decided to issue a reprimand.

Round 1 – Atlanta MP


Justin believed that Alexis had plenty of room to make a pass however they’ve come together needlessly.

The stewards are in complete agreement with this. They note that Alexis had plenty of room and was even in prime position to get to the corner on the inside line, however despite using Crewchief, Alexis has drifted over into Justins path, and with nowhere for Justin to go, they’ve collided. We’ve decided to issue Alexis a reprimand for this incident.


Alex believed that Justin has dive-bombed into the corner, after rubbing along side each other to the next corner, Justin spins out.

The stewards believed that while this was a risk, a slight lock up has contributed to the contact, that said, Justin should have still tried to give a bit more room, as effectively Alex had the racing line. We believe that the punishment enough was that Justin spins out. While we are not happy with this incident, it seems to have sorted itself out.


Alex has stated that Adam rejoins the track in an unsafe manner, contact with Alex ensues which sends Alex into a spin.

While the stewards completely agree that this happened, we’ve noticed that Adam had limited options and crossing into the pit lane path was a risk. We’ve also noticed that Adam has driven over a small incline which has caused his car to kink left ever so slightly, which caused the incident.

Despite that, we are issuing Adam a reprimand for the incident, as Adam did not react to what was happening. There was no attempt to slow down.