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If car/livery spaces run out, please sign-up anyway, and we’ll get you into a full-time seat as soon as one becomes available.
Silverstone (Nat) | 02/09/2020
Mantorp Park (Long) | 09/09/2020
Hungaroring | 16/09/2020
Slovakiaring | 23/09/2020
Paul Ricard (1A) | 30/09/2020
Guia Circuit | 14/10/2020
Laguna Seca | 21/10/2020
Nurburgring (GP) | 28/10/2020
Suzuka (GP) | 04/11/2020
Dubai Autodrome (GP, Nat, & Inter) | 11/11/2020
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Full-time drivers from season X4 will have to take a different manufacturer from what they had in the X4 season.
Reserve/part-time drivers are free to choose what they want.
Grids will expand to 36 (all tracks have 36 grid slots), and the season will feature some of the 2018 and some of the 2019 WTCR cars.
Should the 2020 WTCR arrive, we will immediately switch to that. In the mean time, the cars available will be:
Peugeot (2018): 2 seats + 1 privateer
Alfa Romeo (2019): 2 seats + 1 privateer
Audi (2019): 4 seats + 1 privateer
Cupra (2019): 4 seats + 1 privateer
Honda (2019): 4 seats + 1 privateer
Hyundai (2019): 4 seats + 1 privateer 
Lynk & Co (2019): 4 seats + 1 privateer 
VW (2019): 4 seats + 1 privateer
All cars and liveries are on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you can’t get the seat you want, you can opt to trade with someone. You cannot opt for the same manufacturer as you had last season.
Opting as a reserve driver means you will be informed within a group chat of the spare seats available per week. Usually there is a few seats going.
Round 10 at Dubai Autodrome will feature 3 different layouts throughout the night. Practice will feature each layout using 30 minutes of practice time, then automatically move on to the next. Race 1 will feature the International layout, Race 2 will feature the National layout, Race 3 will feature the GP layout.
*** Cars and circuit selections are subject to change due to new releases ***


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