rFactor 2 – North America Puma League

Results and Standings

Driver Signup

Driver List

Event Information - including skin template


Will start at 12PM PST time and be for 10 minutes


Warmup will be 5 mins


Will start at 12:15PM (approx) PST time and be for 25mins x 2 races


Car download

We’ll be using the Reisa Puma P052 car packs plus Two Tracks from the Reisa Pack (all paid content). The rest of tracks are free, will post links to them shortly.


We massively recommend using Crew Chief.
It’s free and will help you notice when others are around you.

Car Template
Custom skins are not mandatory but highly recommended. Exiled templates are available here.

Dates and Rounds

  • 6th October- Mosport - Prologue / Test round
  • 20th October Brandshatch
  • 27th October - Imola
  • 3rd November Ibarra

Protest Form

Before considering the use of a protest, watch the replay from as many angles and perspectives as possible yourself and try to look impartially at the incident. Does it warrant a protest?

Penalties are issued only if there is clear and obvious malicious intent in a person’s actions, or repeated misjudgement. Accidental contact is part of auto-racing and is not considered malicious. Filing a protest does not guarantee it will be resolved with a penalty.

Form will be opened at 10AM the day after the race.