rFactor2 – Exiled Formula 2 Championship

Basic info and calendar

Well, call us mad. But Nick is going to give the broken mess that is rFactor2 ONE LAST CHANCE, with this absolute cracker of a car in a Mini GP Format.
We have found a cracker of a car, that rewards patience (good job as we are using rF2) and a smooth driving style.
Races will need two tyre compounds.
DRS Zones have been configured on tracks that previously didn’t have them, and will be active to use.

This car is not easy to drive, which is why we are ALLOWING TC (optional) for those that want to use it. Although the game does counter balance this by adding a slight weight penalty. This should keep the field nice and tight.
Races will be ONE HOUR long, and on a MONDAY night.

Lets hope rF2 can shine on the driving side and be the sim we all know it can be. A lot of people have asked for Single Seaters – and this is the only Sim where we know that they shine.


  • Road America
  • Mugello
  • Watkins Glen
  • Zandvoort
  • Mosport
  • Silverstone
rFactor 2

Teams and Drivers Championship

We actively encourage Teams to take part, so even if you don’t have a Team Mate – we may pair you up with someone. 

Championship Tables

One championship for drivers, and one for teams.

Race details and downloads

Practice: Server will be live from the previous race, official practice starts one hour before Qualifying
Qualifying: 20:35 BST – 20 minutes – open session
Warmup: 5 minutes
Race: 21:00 BST – 60 minutes. Mandatory pitstop


The car is the Formula 2 2020, which is available on the Steam Workshop

Tyre Compounds and Fuel

There will be NO REFUELLING – cars for the race must start the race with a full tank. Failure to comply will result in a penalty.

There are four available compounds – SUPER SOFT, SOFT, MEDIUM, HARD.

Weather settings

All sessions will be dry – but with varying cloud cover and temperatures.

Custom skins

Custom skins, although not mandatory – are encouraged as to not have the real F2 skins with come with the mod. The skin template is available here.


Search for Exiled in rF2 multiplayer server list. Is useful to add it to favourites in the UI. (About the only useful bit of the new UI)


Password will be exiled2 unless specified. Unregistered drivers will be removed from the server.

Real Names

Real names are MANDATORY – anyone using a nickname will be removed from the server.

DLC required

We have tried to make this series as accessible as possible, so NO DLC is required.

Suggested apps

We would recommend you join the Discord voice channel. For any announcements, and pre/post race discussion – or to ask any questions and speak to other drivers. We don’t need you to be in the voice channel on race day, as understand it can be off putting – unless you want to be.

Sign up

Racing at Exiled is free, but any donations to keep the servers going are welcome! Make a donation now
(All money goes directly to the server payment system, not the owner).

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