Exiled Tatuus Cup

Event Information - including skin template


Open setup series. 


Will start at 20:40PM UK time and be for 20 minutes. Unlimited laps.


Warmup will be 5 mins, before each Race Session


Will start at 21:10PM (approx) UK time and be for 2 x 20 minute races.
Reverse grid for 60% of the entrants for race 1.


Dates and Rounds

All Mondays. Fortnightly

  • 19th August - Test Round - Indianapolis GP
  • 2nd September - Round 1 - Imola 2001 (Paid DLC)
  • 16th September - Round 2 - Interlagos
  • 30th September - Round 3 - Mills Metro Park
  • 14th October - Round 4 - Watkins Glen
  • 28th October - Round 5 - Istanbul Park
  • 11th November - Round 6 - Mosport

Protests and protest form

Before considering the use of a protest, watch the replay from as many angles and perspectives as possible yourself and try to look impartially at the incident. Does it warrant a protest?

Penalties are issued only if there is clear and obvious malicious intent in a person’s actions, or repeated misjudgement. Accidental contact is part of auto-racing and is not considered malicious. Filing a protest does not guarantee it will be resolved with a penalty.

Live timing and Race Results

2 thoughts on “Exiled Tatuus Cup”

  • Dear Exiled team,
    me and my team mates (form Racing Rev Competizione), registered for this cup as single drivers as we are a team of 6 drivers and we saw that the form is asking for a single team mate only.
    At the moment 3 of us decided to take part in the cup (me, Simone Gaido and Dario Arezzo), but there’s the chance that few more will decide to join us in the cup, so we hope we will be allowed to create the team (or eventually 2 or 3 team) in the upocoming weeks, once the other team members will decide if taking part or not in the cup.

    Thank you in advance!
    Kind regards

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