The Tatuus Cup – Protests

Protests from Round 4 (Watkins Glen)

1) GAIDO protesting RACE START

Gaido has requested we watch the race start. We did, and the entire stewarding panel were quite frankly disturbed. This is EXACTLY what the problem is. Hard braking, locking up, no awareness, turning in on others. It’s embarrassing and unacceptable. There are too many parties to individually look at but we have noted this protest and want to iron out these issues. We’ve already discussed on the Facebook page and will take actions going forward to further series.

2) AREZZO protesting ATTARD

Arezzo states that Attard has not obeyed Blue Flags. After watching Attard for a few laps we sadly agree that this is the case. Whilst unacceptable, we have decided to use this as a warning to Attard. He will be monitored closely and his Round 5 Replay analysed to make sure he abides by the rules going forward. Warning to Attard.


Francesco believes that Paparinopoulos has straight lined the chicane which has caused an incident.

The stewards believe that this is not the case. As Paparinopoulos has the inside line, Francesco has effectively turned his car into the side of Paparinopoulos. Racing incident with no further action. Paparinopoulos never really had an opportunity to turn as the contact has already been made.

4) FRANCESCO protesting STEEG

Francesco believes that Steeg has randomly braked before the last corner and downshifted twice. Contact was then made. To make matters worse, Steeg had receieved Blue Flags.

The stewards mostly agreed with this but with the majority in favour of the protest. They pointed out that the braking and downshifting at that particular part of the track was abnormal to normal braking and downshifting throughout the race. With the blue flag added into the equation, they believe that Steeg should have held the line confidently to allow Francesco to pass on the straight or moved over to give the room. Reprimand for Steeg.



Protests from Round 3 (Mills Metro Park)

1) LAGESSON protesting BOULTON

Lagesson believes he was hit from there rear when Boulton didn’t brake efficiently.

The stewards agree with this decision and Boulton receives a reprimand for this incident.


Lagesson believes he was once again hit from the rear when Merlonghi made contact.

The stewards agree with the decision. They referenced to the car inputs (or therefore lack of) when contact was made. As they were heading into the left hand band, neither the brake or any steering input was applied. Therefore Merlonghi has essentially drifted up to Lagesson and made contact. Reprimand for Merlonghi.


Lagesson believes that Merlonghi did not give enough room and the door was intentionally shut.

The stewards have stated that Merlonghi was taking the natural line to that specific corner and there was a possibility that the ‘door’ could have shut at any point. Merlonghi was still far ahead of Lagesson even during Mid Corner, so it’s fair to say he didn’t (and nor could he see) a vehicle encroaching.

Whilst we admit that it’s unfortunate the incident happen, we deem the incident as a racing one. No further action.

4) GAIDO protesting SMITH

Gaido believes that Smith ignores other pilots to his left and in turn causes the large crash.

This was a particularly hard one for the stewards to discuss.  Smith has clearly had a good start and the on-board view would seem that he had a 50/50 decision on whether to head left or right. The right seemed to lead to Grass so therefore we would almost say that the Left was the right choice. Some stewards pointed that that he could have braked but this was dismissed by others as braking at the start of a race with 20 cars encroaching could have lead to a much larger accident.

Smith has then realised that he’s about to make contact with the wheel of Glen Beavis and has tried to avoid that contact. Thus causing the large incident. While we absolutely appreciate unfortunate series of events that led afterwards, the stewards finally believe that no driver was wholly or predominantly to blame, and therefore, a racing incident.




Protests from Round 2 (Interlagos)


Please refer to Protest #3.

2) LILLO protesting ATTARD

Lillo states that after he managed to get along side Attard, Attard opts to block him by slamming his car into him.

The stewards wanted to state that they personally don’t feel that Attard has indeed tried to block by slamming his car into Lillo. Attards car slowly moves to the right whilst Lillo drifts to the left as that’s the way the corner goes. We are going to deem this as an unfortunate racing incident.

3) KARLSSON protesting SHAIKLY

In reference to protest #1, another driver personally felt that a track re-entry that Shaikly performs is dangerous and caused a huge crash.

The stewards are 100% in agreement with this and have given Shaikly a reprimand. You really have to bide your time when joining the track.

4) KING protesting ATTARD

King believes that after successfully passing Attard, contact is made at the rear after Attard drives into the back of King.

The stewards agree with this protest and Attard received a reprimand.

5) KING protesting ATTARD

Unfortunately either inaccurate information supplied (or therefore lack of) for this particular protest. Please note that going forward, we need more specific information such as Replay Time Stamps.

6) KING protesting BEAVIS

Unfortunately either inaccurate information supplied (or therefore lack of) for this particular protest. Please note that going forward, we need more specific information such as Replay Time Stamps.

7) KING protesting ATTARD

King believes that Attard has focused too much on the Apex and without correct use of his spacial awareness, has caused contact between the two cars.

The stewards agree with this. ATTARD receives a pit lane start for RACE 1 of ROUND 3 (Mills Metro Park) ATTARD can partake in Qualifying however must remain in the GARAGE until the timer runs out. ATTARD can then exit and join the queue in the pit lane.

8) KING protesting FRANCESCO

King believes that despite leaving all the room he could have left, Francesco has still drifted wide and forced King off the track.

The stewards are in agreement with this and Francesco receives a reprimand.

The majorify of these incidents seems to stem from lack of spacial awareness and lack of respect to other drivers. Please can we aim to use CrewChief going forward. It’s free and invaluable. DOWNLOAD HERE




Protests from Round 1 (Imola 2001)

1) CHEALL protesting MAJOOR

Cheall feels that Majoor has used the pitlane to make a move. John holds his line as it becomes 4 wide. At this point Majoor turns into the side of Cheall and causes a large collision.

The stewards agreed with this. They felt that Majoor moved to pass Cheall, but as the road ran out he moves left into the side of Cheall, causing a ripple effect of accidents. The pit lane exit was always going to end at some point, you have a responsibility to pass cars safely. As this is the first offence, we have given Majoor a Reprimand.

2) PROVOST protesting SMITH, A

Provost states that as they drove side by side, he had left the room for Smith, but despite this, a collision still occurred.

After much in depth analysis of this incident, the stewards have to decided to call this a racing incident. Both cars do appear to leave space, it just seems that the trajectory of two cars going through one corner led to an unfortunate incident. Regardless of who’s involved going forward, please always take extra care when attempting moves like this.


Please note that typically on your first incident you may be given a reprimand. This remains with you for the duration of the series and can lead to more severe penalties should something happen again. Thank you.