USF2000 Protest Results

Protests after Round 2 – Bridgehampton

1) A, SMITH protesting KING

Adam Smith believes that King has re-entered the track in a dangerous manner.

Decision – We can’t deny that this was the case but after checking all the evidence it is clear that Shaun had no intention at all for this incident to happen. We also note that Shaun had done everything in his ability to stop the car before entering the racing line.  That said, King has re-joined the track twice, both times in a risky manner, and on both occasions collects two separate cars. For this we issue King with a Reprimand and a 30 second time penalty to be added to the Race 1 result.

2) HOLT protesting OBERG

Holt was holding the outside line and Oberg has turned slightly into him, resulting in the coming together.

Decision – There was sufficient steering input to signify that this incident was caused by Oberg. The road was going to the right to so steer left into another driver was always going to have a bad outcome. Reprimand for Oberg.

3) ASHFIELD protesting ATTARD

Ashfield has collided with another vehicle to whom be believes to re-enter the track in a dangerous manner.

Decision – Attard has indeed re-entered the track in a very dangerous manner, what’s worse is that moments before, Attard has turned into another vehicle for no apparent reason which started the chain of events which led to Ashfield colliding with Attard. We do note that there was clearly no malice in Attards actions however this led to two vehicles crashing out. Reprimand for Attard and 30 second time penalty added to his Race 2 result.


Protests after Round 1 – Okayama

1) FLASK protesting BOULTON

Flask believed that Boulton has along alongside Flask and caused there to be an incident.

Decision – The incident has clearly been a by product of Lag. Whilst it’s massively unfortunate that Flask is the unlucky victim here, it would be unfair to punish a driver for this. No further action.


Flask had spun and was recovering the vehicle however Deutschmann has enters the corner and they collide.

Decision – Whilst Deutschmann enters the last corner Flask is visible on the right. Deutschmann shouldn’t have been as aggressive into the apex as there was clearly an incident on track. Yellow flags would have been out if this had been a real racing series. Reprimand for Deutschmann.

3) FLASK protesting MACKIN

On the formation lap Mackin hits the rear of Flask.

Decision – Mackin is definitely at fault here as they’ve entered the final corner before grid up. He needs to watch what is ahead of him and further more, no brake input until he hits flask. Reprimand for Mackin.

4) FLASK protesting ATTARD

Flask believes that as there was a hazard ahead, Attard has closed the gap on him, causing an accident.

Decision – The stewards felt that Attard is 100% not at fault for this incident. Racing Incident with no further Action.

5) FLASK protesting WIKHEDE

Flask believes that as he was closing Wikhede down, Wikhede loses the rear and has pushed Flask off the track.

Decision – Whilst Flask is technically right, the stewards felt that Wikhede has clearly not intentionally made this move. His wheel digs into the track (which appears to be a track fault) and careers off course. This is an unfortunate racing incident where no party can be blamed. No further action.

6) HARRIS protesting FLASK

Harris believes that has we was along side Flask into the final corner, Flask has still gone into the corner and collided with him.

Decision – The stewards deemed that Flask was at fault for this incident as Flask appears to have a double steering input. Harris was indeed along side and therefore had right to enter the apex. Reprimand for Flask.


Please note that for this round we have been lenient and just handed out reprimands. If those who already have a reprimand are found guilty of another incident, they will face more severe punishments going forward. Thank you.